Gynecologic pathology: the basics, the controversies and the future…

Gynecologic pathology course

This is a second edition of a  3 day course and workshop is designed for general surgical pathologists, pathologists with a specialty interest in Gynecologic pathology, and pathologists-in-training. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive review and update of selected topics in gynecologic pathology. The speakers are leaders in the field who will give their perspectives on a variety of subjects, ranging from non-neoplastic lesions to common and unusual tumors and tumor-like lesions of the female genital tracts. There will be opportunities to bring one’s own cases for consultation and discussion during the breaks and after the scheduled program. The course includes lectures and slide seminar discussions, and printed and electronic handout materials will be available.

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Organizing committee

  1. Paweł Kurzawa M.D. PhD
  2. Ewa Chmielik M.D. PhD
  3. Grzegorz Dworacki M.D. PhD, Associate Professor
  4. Piotr Bobkiewicz M.D.

Course date and location

June 22-24th, 2017
Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel Warsaw*****
Grzybowska Street 24A
Tel : (+48) 22 321 8888


Rob Soslow, M.D.

Dr. Robert Soslow is the Director of Gynecologic Pathology and the Gynecologic Pathology fellowship program and the Director of Translational and Clinical Research in the Department of Pathology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  After his Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Near Eastern Studies, Dr. Soslow completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania.  He performed his residency in Anatomic Pathology and fellowships in Surgical Pathology and Immunopathology at Stanford University Medical Center.  In 2006, Dr. Soslow was named Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Full Member at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  With nearly 300 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Soslow is one of the foremost authorities on gynecologic malignancies.  His recent research interests include hereditary gynecologic cancer syndromes and genotype-phenotype correlations in endometrial and ovarian carcinomas.  He heads the gynecologic pathology team at Memorial Hospital, which now includes outstanding individuals with expertise in cervical and vulvar carcinomas, uterine sarcoma, gestational trophoblastic disease, molecular pathology and translational research.  He is an award-winning teacher and mentor to junior attending staff and aspiring fellows.  He has authored three text books and twenty book chapters on gynecologic pathology and is currently preparing two AFIP Fascicles for the Fourth Series of the AFIP’s Tumor Atlases.  He has also lectured in twenty-four countries.  Given his accomplishments, it is not surprising that, from 2011 to 2016, Dr. Soslow was named in New York Magazine’s Top Doctors in New York, and in the US News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors.  On a more personal note, Dr. Soslow is married to his partner of 30 years, Michael, and enjoys traveling, reading, photography, collecting banknotes, learning foreign languages, figure skating, weight training and pilates.

Esther Oliva, M.D.

Esther Oliva is a member of the pathology department, associated director of the Gynecologic service at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Harvard Professor. Her research is mainly focused on neoplastic diseases involving the female genital tract (with a particular interest in mesenchymal tumors at morphologic, translational and molecular levels) and the genitourinary tract. She serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Surgical Pathology, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Human Pathology, International Journal of Gynecologic Pathology, Advances in Anatomic Pathology, and Pathology (Australia). She is very active member of the USCAP. She was a member of the USCAP council. She has recently been the codirector of the USCAP long course on gynecologic pathology and currently teaches a short course on endocervical pathology and another short course on sex cord stromal tumors of the ovary has been accepted. She is the secretary and member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Gynecological Pathology. She has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles, is co-editor of the book „Gynecologic Pathology” (Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology series), editor of the monograph „Current Concepts in Gynecologic Pathology: Mesenchymal Tumors of the Female Genital Tract” (part of Surgical Pathology Clinics) and co-editor of the upcoming book „Diagnostic Pathology Gynecologic” from Amirsys.

Javier Matias-Guiu Guia, M.D.

Xavier Matias-Guiu (XM) obtained his PhD in 1987 in Barcelona. In 1991-92, XM was Research Fellow in Pathology at the New England Medical Centre/Tufts University in Boston, with Professors H Wolfe and R DeLellis, and the Massachusetts General Hospital with Professor Scully. From 1986 to 2002, XM worked with Professor Jaime Prat in Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona. Currently, he combines the position of Chairman of Pathology at Hospital Universitari Bellvitge in Barcelona, Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida, and the direction of a research group as Professor of Pathology at University of Lleida, with especial focus in integrating molecular features of gynecological cancers in the appropriate microscopic context.

Program schedule

1st  DAY
Thursday, 22 June 2017
8.00-8.45 Registration Speaker
8.45-09.00 Welcome
9.00-09.50 Benign and malignant tumors of vulva L1 ROBERT SOSLOW
9.50-10.40 Benign cervical proliferations L2 ESTHER OLIVA
10.40-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.00 Endocervical in site and invasive carcinoma L3 ROBERT SOSLOW
12.00-13.00 Neuroendocrine tumors of gyn. tracts L4 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Endometrial stromal tumors L5 ESTHER OLIVA
15.00-15.45 Smooth muscle tumors of the uterus L6 ROBERT SOSLOW
15.45-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-16.45 Seminar  #1 S1 ESTHER OLIVA
16.45-17.30 Seminar  #2 S2 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
2nd  DAY
Friday, 23 June 2017
08.15-09.00 New molecular classification of endometrial/ovarian carcinomas L7 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
09.00-10.00 Endometrial carcinoma – mimics and subtypes L8 ROBERT SOSLOW
10.00-10.15 Coffee break
10.15-11.00 Mucinous tumors – primary versus metastases L9 ESTHER OLIVA
11.00-12.00 Serous tumors of the ovary: bordeline, with micropapillary, microinvasion, implants, low and high grade carcinomas L10 ROBERT SOSLOW
12.00-13.00 Seminar  #3 S3 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
13.00-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-15.00 Sex cord stromal tumors L11 ESTHER OLIVA
15.00-15.45 Seminar  #4 S 4 ROBERT SOSLOW
15.45-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-17.00 Endometrioid and clear cel carcinomas of ovary L12 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
3rd DAY
Saturday, 24 June 2017
08.00-8.45 Germ cell tumors ovary L13 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
08.45-9.30 Staging, grading and screening of endometrial cancer L14 ROBERT SOSLOW
9.30-10.15 Seminar  #5 S5 ESTHER OLIVA
10.15-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-11.15 Mixed tumors of gyn tract : uterus and ovary L15 XAWIER MATIAS-GUIU
11.15-12.00 Pathology of the peritoneum and endometrosis L16 ESTHER OLIVA
12.00-12.15 Coffee break
12.15-13.00 Seminar  #6 S6 ROBERT SOSLOW
13.00-13.15 Questions and Closing Remarks

Legend: L- lecture  S-seminar


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